4 Major Mistakes You Could Make When Buying Investment Property in Detroit

Patience may be the most valuable asset to bring to the negotiating table when buying investment property. Getting the best returns on your investments helps to build wealth more quickly and increases the potential for your passive income during retirement. Newcomers to real estate investment may find themselves caught up in the excitement of getting … Continued

Some Deductions Detroit Real Estate Investors Should Know About in 2021

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Why Real Estate Investment in Detroit is Better Than Stocks

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The Detroit Market for Real Estate Investors in 2021

One of the most important aspects for real estate investors is market analysis, which should guide how holdings are managed. Familiarizing yourself with Detroit and all of the factors that influence each property’s long-term value requires dedication to your business. You can achieve the security of your golden years through wise planning and a watchful … Continued

4 Ways to Grow Your Detroit Real Estate Portfolio in 2021

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Our Guide to Detroit Real Estate Contracts

As a real estate investor, when there is a deal at hand, there is necessarily a contract involved. While real estate contracts may seem intimidating, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the terminology you’ll encounter is well worth the effort. You’ll want to have a full grasp of contracts or a trusted guide to … Continued

How to Flip Your First Property in Detroit This Year

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5 Formulas Detroit Real Estate Investors Need To Know

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What to Look for When Buying a Fixer-Upper Property in Detroit

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5 Ways to Find Discount Real Estate in Detroit

When you are searching for discount investment properties, it will benefit you greatly to focus on the type of investment property that suits your overall goals and dreams as an investor. Would you prefer to earn passive income or are you going to be a hands-on landlord? Will you be investing for the short term … Continued