Building Your Portfolio in Detroit: Tips for New Landlords

Building Your Portfolio in Detroit: 5 Secrets for New Landlords

Building your portfolio of real estate investments is a way to build wealth with tangible assets that provide a passive flow of rental income that will carry you through your golden years in style while realizing several tax benefits. Managing your real estate investment portfolio is your business; treating it as such is the surest way to protect your assets. As a professional investor, it is essential to start building your real estate investment portfolio through strategizing a plan and diligently monitoring changing trends in the market and zoning changes that could affect your investments. However, you also need the flexibility to change your exit strategy accordingly. So read on as we explore five of the best kept secrets for new landlords like you building your portfolio in Detroit.


Diversity among several market sectors when you are building your portfolio in Detroit as a new landlord provides a blanket of security for your income should one sector experience a downturn. Furthermore, rental income property begins to pay for itself as you collect payments over the years, providing you leverage for further investments and diversification. Additionally, rental rates tend to keep pace with inflation, so your income stream will continue to provide for your life in the style to which you have become accustomed.


So many options make it challenging to zero in on a suitable investment when you are building your portfolio in Detroit as a new landlord. Focusing on properties that fit with your investment goals and the vision you have for yourself in the role of landlord, combined with other interests or activities, add to the perks of investing.  


Location is the number one qualifier for the properties you consider as it applies to the importance of long-term returns, so you must know the Detroit market well. As a new landlord building your portfolio in Detroit, you must understand, however, that the bottom line is that the numbers must add up to an excellent real estate investment.


Saving time saves money when you are a Detroit real estate investor. It takes time and dedication to network to create a reliable team with top-notch skills and an investor mindset on your side when you are building your real estate investment portfolio in Detroit as a new landlord. But, let’s face it, no real estate investor can do it all, and in real estate, time is money. If you aren’t, whether you have yet to invest or are prepping your investment for occupancy, the more helping hands you have, the fast the job goes, and the sooner you will begin earning rental income and building equity. When you align yourself with a professional investor, like those on our team, you will save money because you will never pay commissions, and there won’t be any wasted downtime. Working with us means onboarding a full-service in-house team of the most highly regarded local industry pros and a vast network of industry providers to handle everything on your behalf, with an investors mindset. 

Property Management

As a new landlord building your portfolio in Detroit, you must understand that the numbers used in your calculations for the investment returns are evidence of the previous owner’s success in property management. Happy tenants cause less turmoil and damage, often remaining in place for years, meaning more significant savings for you with fewer vacancies, turnover costs, and headaches. Working with professional property wholesalers like us connects you to our top-notch team of the best property managers in Detroit to handle your investments, meeting all local, state and federal laws regarding landlords, and tenants, including screening and marketing, to place the best tenants.

The easiest way to get started as a new landlord building your investment property portfolio in Detroit is to talk to one of the professional investors about teaming up. We have what it takes to get the job done, helping you learn the ropes and find your real estate niche while you build a healthy portfolio. Contact us today about building your portfolio in Detroit MI.

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