4 Ways to Grow Your Detroit Real Estate Portfolio in 2021

Understanding the possibilities available to you as a real estate investor will allow you to diversify your real estate portfolio. As an investor, your job is to continually seek a balance to cover any short-comings of your investments in any given area of the real estate market. By spreading your investments across various types of properties, you improve your future earnings. Keeping on top of your investment game requires laying out both a short and long term plan. It is essential as an investor to be paying attention to trends and market changes. Your dedication to your investment business will bring the highest return on your investment dollar, which equates to the level of passive income you earn over the long term. Today we will investigate these four rock-solid ways to grow your Detroit real estate portfolio in 2021.


Land can be a great way to grow your real estate investment portfolio. While vacant land may not be your first go to, don’t discount this type of property’s potential. There are several ways that land can produce income. If your land is on a major roadway, it can earn you a tidy sum by renting the space seasonally to traveling vendors, such as Christmas trees or fireworks tents. You could lease the land for local garden space and if your tract of land is large, you could offer outdoor storage or even parking.

Buying and Holding Housing Units

Houses and multifamily units, those with two or more units, can produce monthly income while growing your Detroit investment property portfolio. You can take advantage of multifamily housing by living in one of the rental units, commonly known as house hacking. Mortgage rates are lower, as the financing will be for a primary residence. Also, you won’t be making any housing payments, meaning more rental income is available for investments to enhance your portfolio further.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can be an exciting way to grow your Detroit real estate portfolio. Not only will you continue to earn income through the building’s operation but you will also have the power to make adjustments that are in line with inflation by creating incremental rental increases. In addition to your rental income, you’ll also gain equity as your commercial property appreciates.

Working With Us 

The most rock-solid way of all to grow your real estate investment portfolio is by working side by side with our team laying out a plan for success! Our passion is to help you fulfill your short term goals while building your real estate portfolio. We stop and take the time to listen to your obstacles and your dreams. If your retirement bucket list requires long-term passive income, working with us means you can look forward to enjoying your golden years in style. Why not reach out today to start building a better tomorrow for yourself? Send us a message to learn more about building your real estate portfolio in Detroit today!

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